AFormX was incorporated in 2008. At this time our size is 20 full time employees and we are growing quickly.

The work of AFormX can be divided into two phases. For more than 10 years we had been a very close contractor for Pipistrel. We had been key players in their most difficult projects like:

  • deploying 200 aircraft to the Indian Armed Forces
  • developing the on-line learning and VR simulator support for the two-seat program
  • flight-testing, creation of the training system and deploying the first experimental electrical aircraft (ALPHA Electro) and the first certified aircraft (Velis Electro).

During this decade of work on the cutting edge of aviation we had become aware that fast movement in aviation is hindered by two mayor bottle necks. Products are slightly wrong and airframes are usually late.

We had structured AFormX to help you overcome these two bottle-necks. We improve the products with our Simulation studio. We help in delivering airframes with our Airframes section.

With the sale of Pipistrel to Textron our business with Pipistrel significantly expanded on one hand, but the team of AFormX was also emotionally released to support great aviation projects outside the national bounds of Slovenia.

Our work has been recognized by several awards. In the national context we must value the National golden award for innovation in 2017. In the international context we are most proud to have won the Royal Aeronautical Society Design Competition (UK) in 2019.

We are here to stay, we are willing to spend the time and effort to build close relationships that are needed to supply both airframes and simulations.

Welcome to AFormX. We can’t wait to learn more about your needs.

AFormX Team in 2020


Our vision is to accelerate innovative aviation projects.

We accelerate projects by providing simulation services and by delivering composite airframes.

AFormX team is open-minded and we relish in constant pursuit of reality.