All of the parts shown on the picture were made by AFormX in our workshop Trbovlje.
The picture shows what airframe parts of the plane were created by AFormX.


AFormX is has been building composite parts since 2010. Our foundations in composites is most aligned with the approaches used in the German glider industry.

However our advantage is that we use production processes aligned with POA procedures. This enables fast progress loops. Moreover, AFormX has two further distinct advantages compared to other composite shops:

  • due to the CompoHub/CompoWin projects we are able to scale production quickly
  • we have an in-house capacity to design and produce the tools, jigs and automation necessary for composite production.


We understand aviation is moving fast right now and it is important to keep pace. Therefore we nurture and develop the ability to supply airframes not only on built-to-print basis but also on the more flexible build to prototype and build-to-tooling basis.

During this build we can move fast, but in a controlled manner. This requires a tight connection between AFormX as airframers and the client, usually performed best with full time embedment into AFormX production team.