On the picture is an aircraft called GoGetAir G750.

GoGetAir G750


As a small but very ambitious company in the field of aero-grade glass and carbon-reinforced polymers, we were always on the lookout for interesting and technically advanced projects, that would help us progress in our knowledge, systems, experiences and impact in the market. Back in 2018 we were producing high-end carbon parts, but we had no experience with the production of complete large bonded assemblies like a complete fuselage. All that changed when we partnered with GoGetAir company.


At that time the GoGetAir aircraft company was restructuring and was looking for an airframing partner that would produce a few airframes for them to kick-start their production. The main goal of this shared venture was the manufacturing of two complete fuselages together with tail surfaces and non-structural internals.

The structural primary components needed to be manufactured were:

  1. fuselage shells
  2. firewall
  3. fuselage bulkheads
  4. the main spar carry-through
  5. rear spar carry-through
  6. front seats support ribs
  7. doors
  8. horizontal tail stabilizer
  9. elevator with trim
  10. tail rudder

Non-structural secondary components needed to be manufactured ware:

  1. seats
  2. instrument panel
  3. wheel fairings

A part of this venture was also the integration of systems such as:

  1. control system through the fuselage
  2. complete engine installation
  3. windows
  4. doors
  5. assembly of the instrument panel
  6. instalment of an undercarriage with the braking system
  7. parachute rescue system


At the beginning of 2019, the first moulds arrived at our workshop location. We immediately started to manufacture. We have started with the tail section and continued with the firewall, internal bulkheads and other internal parts required for joining two fuselage halves together. Meanwhile, we have started to prepare for the biggest challenge for our workshop, laying up the fuselage halves.

Up to this point, the production of the elements has not presented us with any major challenges or difficulties, since we were familiar with the lamination of similarly complex parts. But fuselage halves were different due to the sheer size and complexity of layup schedule. Also time limit due to materials was a major factor, that presented additional challenges. We have tackled this with methodical preparation and specific role definition for each member of the laminating team, throughout

the entire process. In the end, we managed to achieve our goals and produced all four halves according to the required quality standards. After the halves were laminated bonding began.

We have installed all internal elements and joined the left and right halves. The next step was demolding where we have not had any problems due to quality control throughout the entire process and especially mould preparation. We have continued with systems integration. We have installed the engine, controls, seats and various other necessary systems.

After completion of the installation of the systems, both aeroplanes left our workshop for paintwork and upholstery and then to final assembly at GoGetAir company testing facilities.

The delivery of the two airframes was a big milestone for our company.


At the end of this venture, both parties came out stronger than they went in. It was a typical win-win situation. We have gained experience working with larger structural airframe parts, we have gained confidence, that we are capable of managing large and complex projects, and we have gained recognition across the field that our workshop is capable of producing complex, high-quality composite structural parts.

GoGetAir company received two new fuselages to re-start their success story in the field of small light aeroplanes. If you have do not know the exciting aircraft from GoGetAir, please check their great website here.