On the picture we see X-Alpha outside.


We can develop and produce full simulators for your needs.

At AFormX we specialize in complete simulators that are based on full VR technology. The advantage of full VR simulators is high immersion of the user. This is based on full 360 degrees view.

We like to say that the difference between simulators that are based in VR and those that are based on other projection methods is like listening music. If you are looking at projection, it is the same as listening music from speakers. You still fully realize that the music is coming from the speakers. VR simulators are like listening music with headphones. Music seem like it is originating between your ears. This is the same immersion we get with full VR simulators.

By design the VR simulators are more immersive, more mobile and usually also more cost effective.

The greatest advantage of these simulators are when used for single-pilot aircraft handling focused training content.

We had been developing, delivering, deploying and supporting full VR based simulators from 2016 onwards. AFormX was the developer and producer of the first full VR simulator fielded by an aircraft OEM in 2018.

In 34 full simulators delivered (up to spring 2023) we had developed the following capabilities that enable us to effectively design and deliver further complete VR simulator projects:

  • High-accuracy in developing the physical flight model
  • Effective flow in creating the aircraft visuals including low-poly, high-poly meshes, texture and normal maps
  • Full mechanical integration of hardware controls including force feedback

Check out the highlighted success stories of X-ALPHA and Historic aircraft full simulators.

We would be happy to hear from you and discuss your challenges and possible full VR simulator solutions.

Early Development VR Sim


AFormX leverages the experience of the team in deploying the first certified electrical aircraft – the Velis Electro to help the future sustainable aviation companies.

If you are developing a sustainable aviation project, we can work with you by providing simulation services throughout the evolution of your project and company.

With this we help in deepening your operational understanding of your future product. This usually produces minor pivots early on that significantly increases the product-to-market fit.

Simulations also accelerate the business side, since you can use the power of the VR to physically present your vision. For future investors, customers and other stake-holders there is no better exposure to your vision, to seeing and flying it in VR.

Our advantages in this field are:

  • we have huge experiences from flight-testing and developing of electric aircraft. We have been there and done that and know what to watch out for in advance
  • we leverage all our strengths and capabilities in developing full VR simulators
  • we had developed an integrated workflow where we develop the simulators as your product grows. We start with a basic flight and visual and then build it up as your project develops. Our workflow enables not only immediate and early return on your investment, but also it builds the final, training-level simulator in phases as you go along.

For our work in this field please see the RAeS Winner and Unifier 19 success stories.

We are really excited about our workflow and we would love to present it to you.

One the picture we see Virus crashing on the nose in X-Plane.


The simulation studio of AFormX is based on great flight physics and great understanding of real-life operational meaning of simulation.

On this basis we had started to cooperate with E.U. AIBs to introduce simulation based animations into the investigation process and dissemination of the reports.

Personal and aircraft flight recording is now so widespread that most accident cases have some digital breadcrumbs in regards to the flightpath of the aircraft. The team of AFormX takes these digital logs and ports them into our simulator environment.

The resulting animation supplements and greatly enhances the investigation. Animations enable the shift from interpreting individual graphs to actually seeing the integrated and full movement of the aircraft and it’s systems.

This shift enables the following advantages:

During the investigation: the animation improves the quality of the investigation. Looking at one integrated animations instead of individual graphs is easier and more effective for the investigator. Small nuances can be noticed easier. The animation also serves as a catalyst for the memory of the crew. Additional details can be recalled and false memories can be reduced.

After the final report is completed the animations improve aviation safety since they help dissemination of the lessons. We live in a video-based world. Animations help extend both the reach and the impact of the final report. This is especially true for General Aviation target groups.

Aviation incidents and accidents are sensitive. At AFormX we understand that building a relationship of trust takes time. But let’s take the first step now, by presenting you approach in more detail.